Norwegian Mittens and Gloves

Norwegian Mittens and Gloves This beautiful book presents traditional Norwegian mitten and glove patterns in an easy-to-understand format for new and old lovers of knitting. Annemor Sundbø has selected 29 classic figurative motifs from Norwegian hand-knitting history. In addition to the animal motifs, she charts figures and border patterns and shows you how to use them for designing hats and pillow covers.

Trafalgar Trafalgar Square Books, 2011,   ISBN: 1570764956:


Knitting in Art

knittinginart Our cultural heritage is a wellspring that everyone can draw from, build on, add to, and develop for future generations. This book shows how artworks can be used to discuss knitting history even if the artists didn’t have that in mind when they painted.
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Invisible Threads in Knitting

invisiblethreadsIn this book, Annemor tells the story of traditional culture’s heritage and its place in society and describes what was happening in folk culture during the time that the art of knitting took root. From there, she traces those lines over to our time. Knitting memories, symbolism, folk beliefs, and yarn tails can be exciting baggage to carry along on the journey into the world of knitting techniques
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Setedal Sweaters: The History of the Norwegian Lice Pattern

setesdalsweatersLusekofta, the “lice” pattern sweater from Setesdal in Norway, is one of the world’s most knitted and varied sweater designs. In this colourful book, Annemor Sundbø has collected old photographs, historical newspaper articles, and descriptions from many people to help with her research into the magic of the Setesdalskofte.

She discovered exciting cultural history incorporating faith, superstition, politics, and technical invention.

The history, combined with the earliest patterns for these famous sweaters, will give inspiration and ideas for creating a sweater the Setesdal way, from knitting the patterns to working the unique decorative embroidery that surrounds the collar and cuffs.
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Everyday Knitting: Treasures from a Rag Pile

everydayknittingThis is a treasure trove of knitting patterns and cultural history. The author unravels the fascinating history of traditional knitting, a story revealed by investigations in a pile of knitted rags left behind in the storage bins of a ”shoddy” factory. The rag pile reveals the close historical ties between everyday knitting in Norway and traditional knitting in Europe.

The book provides a glimpse of creativity in the everyday life of knitters. Anyone with a genuine interest for knitting is sure to find a wealth of inspiration and ideas.

Charts and patterns give advice on how to develop your own patterns from traditional motifs. This is an unusual book for creative readers with cultural interests.

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